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The Big Sick
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Original Title: The Big Sick
Release: 2017-06-23
Runtime: 119 min
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Country: United States of America
Subtitle: English, اردو
Plot: A couple deals with their cultural differences as their relationship grows.
Kumail Nanjiani

Characters : Kumail Nanjiani

Actor : Kumail Nanjiani

Emily Gardner

Characters : Emily Gardner

Actor : Zoe Kazan

Beth Gardner

Characters : Beth Gardner

Actor : Holly Hunter

Terry Gardner

Characters : Terry Gardner

Actor : Ray Romano


Characters : Naveed

Actor : Adeel Akhtar


Characters : Azmat

Actor : Anupam Kher


Characters : Chris

Actor : Kurt Braunohler


Characters : CJ

Actor : Bo Burnham


Characters : Mary

Actor : Aidy Bryant


Characters : Sharmeen

Actor : Zenobia Shroff


Characters : Khadija

Actor : Vella Lovell


Characters : Fatima

Actor : Shenaz Treasurywala


Characters : Denise

Actor : Celeste Arias

Dr. Cunningham

Characters : Dr. Cunningham

Actor : Linda Emond

Nurse Bette

Characters : Nurse Bette

Actor : Shana Solomon

Dr. Spellman

Characters : Dr. Spellman

Actor : Andrew Pang

Dr. Lewin

Characters : Dr. Lewin

Actor : Lawrence Ballard


Characters : Sumera

Actor : Shunori Ramanathan


Characters : Stu

Actor : Matthew Cardarople

Nurse Judy

Characters : Nurse Judy

Actor : Myra Lucretia Taylor

Bob Dalavan

Characters : Bob Dalavan

Actor : Jeremy Shamos

Andy Dodd

Characters : Andy Dodd

Actor : David Alan Grier

Sam Highsmith

Characters : Sam Highsmith

Actor : Ed Herbstman


Characters : Jesse

Actor : Rebecca Naomi Jones


Characters : Zubeida

Actor : Kuhoo Verma


Characters : Yazmin

Actor : Mitra Jouhari

Dr. Wright

Characters : Dr. Wright

Actor : Jeff Blumenkrantz

Dr. Whelan

Characters : Dr. Whelan

Actor : Holly Chou

Dr. Platt

Characters : Dr. Platt

Actor : Alison Cimmet

Racist Heckler

Characters : Racist Heckler

Actor : Spencer House

Tina (Khadija's Mother)

Characters : Tina (Khadija's Mother)

Actor : Susham Bedi

Farhan (Khadija's Father)

Characters : Farhan (Khadija's Father)

Actor : Rahul Bedi

Waiting Room Person 1

Characters : Waiting Room Person 1

Actor : Myra Turley

Waiting Room Person 2

Characters : Waiting Room Person 2

Actor : William Stephenson

Waiting Room Person 3

Characters : Waiting Room Person 3

Actor : Marilyn Torres

Waiting Room Person 4

Characters : Waiting Room Person 4

Actor : Kerry Flanagan

Waiting Room Person 5

Characters : Waiting Room Person 5

Actor : Jack O'Connell

Waiting Room Person 6

Characters : Waiting Room Person 6

Actor : Charles Gould

Party Goer 1

Characters : Party Goer 1

Actor : Isabel Shill

Party Goer 2

Characters : Party Goer 2

Actor : Lauren Patten

Party Goer 3

Characters : Party Goer 3

Actor : Keilly McQuail

Party Goer 4

Characters : Party Goer 4

Actor : Zach Cherry

Restaurant Boy (uncredited)

Characters : Restaurant Boy (uncredited)

Actor : Jack Corrigan

Chrissy (uncredited)

Characters : Chrissy (uncredited)

Actor : Sophia Muller

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A Review by djdole

by djdole

"Charmingly funny. Not a cliché comedy at all. A little heavy on the Uber references, but still a movie that can be watched multiple times. (Saw at a pre-screening in Seattle.)"

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